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Skafferiet r.f. is the association that is the care-taker of Ritz. The association was founded in 2008 and strives to offer a wide variety of cultural events and also to functions as a meeting place for cultural projects and provide a stage for both established and unknown art. It is possible to part take and support the association in many ways.


There is a bar on second floor at Ritz. Our volunteers serve drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic and light snacks. It is possible to
pre-order drinks in the café for events with an intermission.

During sold out events we also have a bar on the balcony. There are a few seats at the balcony bar. Alcoholic drinks can only be taken
into the seating area in the auditorium during special events with a 18 years age limit.

Kvarken Czech Pils 33 cl 4,5% – 7€
Kvarken Tax Relief Session IPA 33 cl 4,6% – 7€
Keppo Kuddnäs Lager 33 cl 4,6% – 7€
Brooklyn Pulp Art Hazy IPA 33 cl 6,0% – 7€
Karhu 33 cl 4,6% – 6€
Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc 33 cl 5,0% – 6€

Tarapaca Cabernet Sauvignon (red) 18,75 cl 13% – 9€
Tarapaca Sauvignon Blanc (white) 18,75 cl 12% – 9€
Codorniu Clasico (sparkling) 20 cl 11,5% – 10€

Ruffino chianti (red) 0,75 l 13% – 28€
Invenio Riesling (white) 0,75 l 13% – 28€
Codorniu Clasico kuohuviini 0,75 l 11,5% – 28€

Laitilan lemonade 33 cl– 3€
Bonaqua Vichy 50 cl – 3€
Karhu 33 cl 0,0% – 5€
Somersby Apple cider 33 cl 0,0% – 5€

We have an assortment of small candy bags and chocolate bars.

Slight changes in the selection might occur depending on season and availability.

Somersby Pear cider 33 cl 4,5% – 7€
Crowmoor Extra Dry Apple Cider 33 cl 4,7% – 7€
Sinebrychoff Long Drink 33 cl 5,5% – 7€

Jägermeister liqueur 4 cl 35% – 6€
Meukow VS congnac 4 cl 40% –8€

Coffee, organic & fair trade – 2€
Tea – 2€


From street level there is a threshold of ca 6 cm that leads to the main doors. The doors are heavy and the vestibule is small. Our be volunteers can help with the doors and a ramp can be placed in front of the threshold.

A stair lift along the main stairs runs from the bottom floor up to the café and lower auditorium. Volunteers or security in the wardrobe help run the lift. The lift has a weight limit of 225 kg.

There is a wheelchair accessible toilet on the bottom floor.

The purpose of the Friend Card activity is to improve the access of people with intellectual disabilities to leisure activities. At Ritz the assistant of a person with intellectual disabilities and a Friend Card gets free entry. Mention while booking tickets that you are using the Friend Card.

There is an audio induction loop in the auditorium on rows D-G. Mention to the technician that you are using the loop.

Most domestic movies produced with support from the Finnish Film Foundation receive a version with Finnish descriptive subtitles. We screen these when possible. Please let us know if you know of a suitable movie.

Most domestic movies produced with support from the Finnish Film Foundation also come with the possibility to listen along to a descriptive audio track (in Finnish, a couple in Swedish) from a smartphone with the Moviereading app. Read more about the Moviereading app (in finnish). Our contact us on kino@ritz.fi for more information.

The goal of the Kaikukortti-network is to offer those with financial difficulties a better chance to take part in the cultural life. 

At Ritz you can get tickets to events organized by our association. The tickets can only be acquired in advance from Studio Ticket. Movie screenings are not part of the Kaikukortti programme. 

See a list of all events that are part of Kaikukortti here


Are you looking for a volunteer opportunity in culture? Do you want to help widen Vaasas culture stage? Become a member of the
association that runs Ritz! The association has two kinds of members, supporting members and active members.


Supporting members receive discounts on events organized by the association (not all events on. They also get free wardrobe service and receive a personal card. The annual members fee is 20€ per calendar year. We appreciate it!


Active members help out during events, a couple of times per month. Active members do not need to pay the annual fee and they
also enjoy additional discounts.

If you share our vision and want to join us; get in touch – we are always looking for volunteering members. Fill out the form on the bottom of this page, contact us by mail, facebook or phone or come say hi during any of our events. We will be thrilled to get to know you!


The board consist of a smaller group of members that take turns being responsible for the events at Ritz. They also have regular meetings discussing the strategy and development of the association. The board members are chosen for one year at the yearly meeting in Spring. If you are interested in becoming a board member please contact us before the yearly meeting. The date is announced in the local newspaper.

Members of the board 2024–2025:

Ordinary board members: Niklas Finne (chairman), Kati Källman, Peter Björkas, Nils Sundquist, Kristian Paavola, Tuija Östergård, Linda Järf, Hanna Carlsson, Jan Mitts and Britt-Marie Engblom.

Supplementary members: William Mitts, Caius Swanljung, Alexandra Enegren, André Brink, Tuula Närvä, Sonja Lasén and Annika Tetrault.


We love to organize events and happenings, so let’s make something happen together, contact us via email, phone or the form next to us.

Jessica mattila
Executive Director
Valter Lidsle
Cinema Director