The association

Skafferiet r.f. is the association that is the care-taker of Ritz. The association was founded in 2008 and strives to offer a wide variety of cultural events and also to functions as a meeting place for cultural projects and provide a stage for both established and unknown art. It is possible to part take and support the association in many ways.

Supporting members

By becoming a supporting member of Skafferiet you support the association with a yearly member fee of 15€. You will receive a personal member card, which gives you discounts on movie screenings and selected events and also free wardrobe service. Click here? if you wish to become a member.

Active members

The association’s volunteers help out during events at Ritz twice a month by selling tickets, working in the wardrobe service and serving customers in the bar etc. Active members do not need to pay the yearly fee and also get other benefits. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, fill in this form or contact us per e-mail, facebook, phone or come in and say hi during an event. We always welcome new members!

The board members

The board consist of a smaller group of members that take turns being responsible for the events at Ritz. They also have regular meetings discussing the strategy and development of the association. The board members are chosen for one year at the yearly meeting in Spring. If you are interested in becoming a board member please contact us before the yearly meeting. The date is announced in the local news paper.

Members of the board 2022–2023:

Ordinary board members: Niklas Finne (chairman), Kati Källman, Peter Björkas, Nils Sundquist, Kristian Paavola, Tuija Östergård, Linda Järf, Caius Swanljung, Jan Mitts, Olof Englund, Nina Scheweleff, Britt-Marie Engblom.

Supplementary members: Mika Varpula, Hanna Carlsson, William Mitts, Alexandra Enegren, Pirita Svartsjö, Lenny Nyman, Frida Nylund.

The associations rules can be read here (in Swedish): Skafferiet rf Stadgar 2014