Kino Ritz Lounge

Kino Ritz Lounge is a new way to enjoy cinema at Ritz. A private screening for a more relaxed cinema experience with friends or family.

You have 3 hours at Ritz and you can decide for yourself at what point you want to go see the movie. No hurry if someone is running a bit late. Or if you want to see the movie first and discuss it over a beer or wine afterwards.

Enjoy a glass of sparkling wine before the movie, or hang in the café afterwards with a glass of beer or wine.

Our bar is open and sells beer, cider, wine etc. See the assortment of the cafe and bar

New: Alcoholic drinks can be had in the auditorium if there are no underage customers.

Movie screening: 200€

The price includes entry for 10 people, more at additional cost.

Or as a package:

Movie + snacks 240€

Entry for 10 people
+ small pop corn or candy for everyone
+ ecological lemonade 33 cl for everyone


The movie can be chosen from our currently running movies, or from the list below, including some older and upcoming movies. Available subtitles in brackets, if other than Swedish + Finnish. 


Other movies are also possible, but only ones currently or recently screened in cinemas can be booked for Kino Ritz Lounge.


Send e request to book a private screening a week before the date by filling the form below. We will contact you to confirm or answer questions as soon as possible. You can also call 044 700 5175‬.

Payment on location.