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sat19.614:00Toxic Avenger Ticket price: 22€ (18€ opiskelija, eläkeläinen, työtön, varusmies, lapsi 3-12v.) Liput


sat 19.6 14:00 - sat 19.6 16:30

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22€ (18€ opiskelija, eläkeläinen, työtön, varusmies, lapsi 3-12v.)

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The Toxic Avenger -musical based on the cult film with the same name is seen for the first time in Finland! Student theatre Ramppi’s Finnish production of the musical premieres at Ritz 19.6 at 14.00.

Toxic Avenger is set in the fictive city of Tromaville in New Jersey. The bullied nerd Melvin falls into a bucket of toxic waste and the chemicals reforms him into a super strong green mutant, Toxic Man. He falls in love with a blind librarian, Sarah, but at the same time the corrupt mayor of Tromaville wants Melvin dead because he knows too much about the mayor’s secret mission that will destroy the entire city.

Toxic Avenger the musical is an unforgettable, cheeky and hilariously funny rock spectacle, the likes of which has never been seen before in Finland!

Duration: 2 h 20 min. 1 väliaika
Director and translation: Pyry Keto
Manusscript: Joe DiPietro
Composer and lyrics: David Bryan
Based on Lloyd Kaufman’s Toxic Avenger


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