fri11.920:00Parasite - eng sub. Ticket price: 9€ Age restriction: 16v


fri 11.9 20:00 - fri 11.9 22:15

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Ki-taek’s (Kang-ho Song) whole family of four is unemployed and poor. The future looks bleak until, thanks to a lucky coincidence and a friend’s recommendation, the eldest son of the family, Ki-woo (Woo-Shik Choi), succeeds in getting a job from the Park family as a private tutor. The job creates a desire for regular income. With high expectations from his family and a fake school certificate, Ki-woo goes to interview with the wealthy Park family. The encounter of two families initiates an uncontrolled chain of events with unpredictable consequences.

Tickets: 9€
Langauge: Korean
Subtitles: English
131 min, Age limit 16 years


Skafferiet rfSkafferiet rf är en ideell förening som grundades 2008 för erbjuda kulturverksamhet på Ritz.