Ritz håller stängt 2.3 – 31.3, under tiden som RFVs beslut om 6 personers begränsning gäller // Ritz on suljettu 2.3 – 31.3 AVIn 6 henkilön rajoituksen ajan

This is a repeating event

sun29.1117:15Livet efter döden Age restriction: 7 år - vuottaÅngestframkallande innehåll - Voi aiheuttaa ahdistusta


sun 29.11 17:15 - sun 29.11 18:30

Age restriction

7 år - vuottaÅngestframkallande innehåll - Voi aiheuttaa ahdistusta

Event Details

Nisse’s wife has just died, but since the mourning is done, it is now mainly a question of practical arrangements. Nisse decides that it will be a small funeral, no guests complaining and mourning. But friends and acquaintances send flowers and call incessantly. Nisse’s son Stefan tries to be nice and is given the task of calling around and announcing that no one should attend the funeral. Nisse’s sister Elsa also shows up to Nisse’s and her childhood home. Elsa has her own agenda and wants to have her say when the arrangements are established. Nisse just wants to be left alone. Nisse finally realizes that he is not the only one who misses his wife and has the right to say goodbye.

Tickets: 11/9€ (matienée 1.12: 8€)
Language: Swedish
Subtitles: Finnish
81 min, From 7 years