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sat 29.10 14:00 - sat 29.10 22:00

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43€ / 39€ / 29€

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A musical about the singer and icon of the Finnish music world, loved by all Finns.

Kirka Kirill Babitz is one of Finland’s most successful artists. He was the first real rock star in our country to be followed by wildly screaming crowds. Kirka was an exotic revelation with his dark hair and blue eyes because of his Russian emigrant background, he was full of charisma and like a star.  With his personal voice, Kirka sang his way to the hearts of Finns in a variety of ways, including rock, percussion and ballads, without forgetting heavy rock.

The musical is a journey in Kirka’s life from the 60s until the 2000s. In addition to Kirka, we meet Finnish music celebrities such as Sammy, Muska, Danny, Katri Helena, Kassu Halonen, Hector and Pave Maijanen. In the performance, we will experience the different stages of the singer’s long career, the intoxication, success, love, great sorrows and the thrill of the Eurovision Song Contest.

Kirka is played by Ilari Hämäläinen, a bright star familiar from the Voice of Finland competition. The musical features a large number of memorable songs such as Hetki lyö, Leijat, Hengaillaan, Surun pyyhit silmistäni, Kahden hullun matka, Daada Daada, Yli synkän virran, Puhelinlangat laulaa, Lumi teki enkelin eteiseen, Krokotiilirock and Kirjoita Postikorttiin.

Kirka Babitzin: Ilari Hämäläinen
Sammy Babitzin: Matthau Mikojan
Muska: Piritta Lumous
Father of the Church: Petri Lairikko
Mother of the Church: Piritta Lumous
Kirsti Mikkola, Paula Nummela: Elisa Lairikko
Kassu Halonen, Danny: Petri Lairikko
Remu Aaltonen: Juha Kinnunen
Katri Helena: Elisa Lairikko
Anna Babitzin: Isabella Lairikko

Other roles include e.g. Hector, Pave Maijanen, band members, dancers, backing singers.

The duration of the performance with intermission is about 2 hours 45 minutes



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