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fri4.920:00Vaasa Festival Nights: Waltteri Torikka Ticket price: 39,90€ Tickets

sat5.920:00Dave Lindholm Lights Ticket price: 27/25€ Liput

thu10.920:00Vaasa Festival Nights: Herra Ylppö & Ex Ticket price: 29,90€ Tickets

sat12.920:00Vaasa Festival Nights: ILTA + Sara Siipola Ticket price: 29,90€ Tickets

sun13.919:00A Tribute to the Eagles Ticket price: 33,50€ Tickets


fri23.1020:00Vaasa Festival Nights: Maija Vilkkumaa Ticket price: 39,90€ Tickets

sat24.1014:00Viidestoista yö - musical Ticket price: 29-42€ Tickets

sat31.1020:00Vaasa Festival Nights: ERIN Ticket price: 39,90€ Tickets


fri20.1118:00Sami Hedberg 15-year anniversary show Ticket price: 35€ Tickets


mon7.1218:00Pettson & Findus firar jul Ticket price: 14€ Tickets

fri11.1219:00The Miracle - A Night with Queen Ticket price: 35€ Tickets


thu18.218:00Johanna Iivanainen & Johanna Kurkela: Altamullan Road Ticket price: 43€ Tickets