Physical limitations

From street level there is a threshold of ca 6 cm that leads to the main doors. The doors are heavy and the vestibule is small. Our be volunteers can help with the doors and a ramp can be placed in front of the threshold.

A stair lift along the main stairs runs from the bottom floor up to the café and lower auditorium. Volunteers or security in the wardrobe help run the lift. The lift has a weight limit of 225 kg.

There is a wheelchair accessible toilet on the bottom floor.

Hearing and vision impairments

There is an audio induction loop in the auditorium on rows D-G. Mention to the technician that you are using the loop.

Most domestic movies produced with support from the Finnish Film Foundation receive a version with Finnish descriptive subtitles. We screen these when possible. Please let us know if you know of a suitable movie.

Most domestic movies produced with support from the Finnish Film Foundation also come with the possibility to listen along to a descriptive audio track (in Finnish, a couple in Swedish) from a smartphone with the Moviereading app.

EU disability card

Customers with a EU disability card with the letter A for assistant, can bring an assistant or support person in for free to events held at Ritz.

Friend Card

The purpose of the Friend Card activity is to improve the access of people with intellectual disabilities to leisure activities. At Ritz the assistant of a person with intellectual disabilities and a Friend Card gets free entry. Mention while booking tickets that you are using the Friend Card.

Kaikukortti card

The goal of the Kaikukortti-network is to offer those with financial difficulties a better chance to take part in the cultural life. If you have a Kaikukortti-card you can get tickets to events organized by our association, see list at end of page. The tickets can only be acquired in advance from Studio Ticket. Movie screenings are not part of the network at the moment.

Events by Skafferiet

Here are listed events that are organized by our association, and where the Kaikukortti and the Friend Card are accepted.